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TO: NIKE Employees

FROM: Mark Parker president and CEO of Nike

SUBJECT: Employee Conduct

DATE: September 27, 2019


I want to begin by thanking all of our employees for everything they do to empower human potential through Nike’s mission. Due to recent allegations towards Nike, we want to remain inclusive, collaborative and respectful, but able to share opinions about Nike and the industry. I want to stress my commitment to inclusion for our employees and to encourage you to reference our code of conduct laws, regulations and company policies that apply to all of us.

When speaking on behalf of Nike.

Because of the recent claims, that are in process, it is everyone’s responsibility to follow Nike’s code of conduct. You can refer to speaking on behalf of the Nike section if you are commenting while using your Nike title. A public comment of opinion made in interviews or any public face-to-face opportunities, must receive approval from corporate communications.

Code of Conduct policies.

I encourage that if you are ever unsure about whether your actions might disregard Nike’s code of conduct, just ask for help from your immediate manager, human resources or the ethics and compliance department at Any public comments that you would like to engage in, that aren't related to information that is not publicly released by Nike, you would need to submit an External Engagement Request Form. After being reviewed by Corporate Communications, they will contact you.

Information we can share.

Once brand campaigns, products, and company information are released to the public, I encourage you to share the excitement. When sharing your perspective on social media, make it clear it is your own views and never use discriminatory or offensive language.

My commitment is to every employee to feel safe and empowered in their work environment, ensuring you have the necessary resources to help you navigate during these situations regardless of gender, race or ethnicity. Nike has a long-lasting standing commitment to diversity and inclusion in our team. As a team, we live by our values of dignity and respect for others.

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