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Cecilia Hoxeng

As a student of Strategic Communication at Washington State University, I am passionate about media in our society. My diverse background in hospitality and the financial industry helped me to acquire solid leadership and customer relationship management skills in the positions that I developed. As a student, I am eager to apply my acquired knowledge and be part of global communications in a creative role that understands the media in society. 


I am a stay-at-home Mom to two-year-old twin boys and two teenage daughters that are fifteen and seventeen years old. I was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, and Vancouver, Washington has been my home for the last twenty years. My husband and I met at a Taco Tuesday night and that’s when we started our journey together. 

Over the years, my experience as my daughters’ Mom has to be delightful, but completely different from what it’s like to be a twin Mom. When I became a twin mom, I quickly recognized how unique it is. Being a Twin Mom brought new challenges. I learned that having resources like product recommendations, everyday planning, or new lifestyle ideas can make a difference.  This is why I am interested in the Twins Mom Community, and because of that, I decided to create a blog in my multimedia creation class (

Last year I started created I decided that my time was more valuable as a returning full-time student, so I stopped creating posts for my blog. I hope one day to be an influencer by helping others with the simplicity of having a well balanced daily routine. Ultimately, my goal is to inspire others while I raise my children to be awesome human beings. 

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